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13.28. Release 310 (3 May 2019)

13.28. Release 310 (3 May 2019)#

General Changes#

  • Reduce compilation failures for expressions over types containing an extremely large number of nested types. (#537)
  • Fix error reporting when query fails with due to running out of memory. (#696)
  • Improve performance of JOIN queries involving join keys of different types. (#665)
  • Add initial and experimental support for late materialization. This feature can be enabled via feature config or via work_processor_pipelines session config. Simple select queries of type SELECT ... FROM table ORDER BY cols LIMIT n can experience significant CPU and performance improvement. (#602)
  • Add support for FETCH FIRST syntax. (#666)

CLI Changes#

  • Make the final query time consistent with query stats. (#692)

Hive Connector Changes#

  • Ignore boolean column statistics when the count is -1. (#241)
  • Prevent failures for information_schema queries when a table has an invalid storage format. (#568)
  • Add support for assuming AWS role when accessing S3 or Glue. (#698)
  • Add support for coercions between DECIMAL, DOUBLE, and REAL for partition and table schema mismatch. (#352)
  • Fix typo in Metastore recorder duration property name. (#711)

PostgreSQL Connector Changes#

  • Support for the ARRAY type has been disabled by default. (#687)

Blackhole Connector Changes#

  • Support having tables with same name in different Blackhole schemas. (#550)