Presto 337 Documentation

13.21. Release 317 (1 Aug 2019)

13.21. Release 317 (1 Aug 2019)#

General Changes#

  • Fix url_extract_parameter() when the query string contains an encoded & or = character.
  • Export MBeans from the db resource group configuration manager. (#1151)
  • Add all_match(), any_match(), and none_match() functions. (#1045)
  • Add support for fractional weights in approx_percentile(). (#1168)
  • Add support for node dynamic filtering for semi-joins and filters when the experimental WorkProcessor pipelines feature is enabled. (#1075, #1155, #1119)
  • Allow overriding session time zone for clients via the sql.forced-session-time-zone configuration property. (#1164)

Web UI Changes#

  • Fix tooltip visibility on stage performance details page. (#1113)
  • Add planning time to query details page. (#1115)

Security Changes#

  • Allow schema owner to create, drop, and rename schema when using file-based connector access control. (#1139)
  • Allow respecting the X-Forwarded-For header when retrieving the IP address of the client submitting the query. This information is available in the remoteClientAddress field of the QueryContext class for query events. The behavior can be controlled via the dispatcher.forwarded-header configuration property, as the header should only be used when the Presto coordinator is behind a proxy. (#1033)

JDBC Driver Changes#

  • Fix DatabaseMetaData.getURL() to include the jdbc: prefix. (#1211)

Elasticsearch Connector Changes#

  • Add support for nested fields. (#1001)

Hive Connector Changes#

  • Fix bucketing version safety check to correctly disallow writes to tables that use an unsupported bucketing version. (#1199)
  • Fix metastore error handling when metastore debug logging is enabled. (#1152)
  • Improve performance of file listings in system.sync_partition_metadata procedure, especially for S3. (#1093)

Kudu Connector Changes#

  • Update Kudu client library version to 1.10.0. (#1086)

MongoDB Connector Changes#

  • Allow passwords to contain the : or @ characters. (#1094)

PostgreSQL Connector Changes#

  • Add support for reading hstore data type. (#1101)

SPI Changes#

  • Allow delete to be implemented for non-legacy connectors. (#1015)
  • Remove deprecated method from ConnectorPageSourceProvider. (#1095)