Presto 324 Documentation

12.1. Release 324

12.1. Release 324

General Changes

  • Fix query failure when CASE operands have different types. (#1825)
  • Add support for ESCAPE clause in SHOW CATALOGS LIKE .... (#1691)
  • Add line_interpolate_point() and line_interpolate_points(). (#1888)
  • Allow references to tables in the enclosing query when using .*. (#1867)
  • Configuration properties for optimizer and spill support no longer have experimental. prefix. (#1875)
  • Configuration property experimental.reserved-pool-enabled was renamed to experimental.reserved-pool-disabled (with meaning reversed). (#1916)

Security Changes

  • Perform access control checks when displaying table or view definitions with SHOW CREATE. (#1517)

Hive Changes

  • Allow using SHOW GRANTS on a Hive view when using the sql-standard security mode. (#1842)
  • Improve performance when filtering dictionary-encoded Parquet columns. (#1846)

PostgreSQL Changes

  • Add support for inserting MAP(VARCHAR, VARCHAR) values into columns of hstore type. (#1894)

Elasticsearch Changes

  • Fix failure when reading datetime columns in Elasticsearch 5.x. (#1844)
  • Add support for mixed-case field names. (#1914)

SPI Changes

  • Introduce a builder for ColumnMetadata. The various overloaded constructors are now deprecated. (#1891)