Presto 329 Documentation

12.4. Release 326 (27 Nov 2019)

12.4. Release 326 (27 Nov 2019)

General Changes

  • Fix incorrect query results when query contains LEFT JOIN over UNNEST. (#2097)
  • Fix performance regression in queries involving JOIN. (#2047)
  • Fix accounting of semantic analysis time when queued queries are cancelled. (#2055)
  • Add MemSQL Connector. (#1906)
  • Improve performance of INSERT and CREATE TABLE ... AS queries containing redundant ORDER BY clauses. (#2044)
  • Improve performance when processing columns of map type. (#2015)

Security Changes

Hive Changes

  • Fix table creation error for tables with S3 location when using file metastore. (#1664)
  • Fix a compatibility issue with the CDH 5.x metastore which results in stats not being recorded for ANALYZE. (#973)
  • Improve performance for Glue metastore by fetching partitions in parallel. (#1465)
  • Improve performance of sql-standard security. (#1922, #1929)

RPM Changes

  • Allow running Presto with Java 11 or newer. (#2057)

Phoenix Connector Changes

  • Collect statistics on the count and duration of each call to Phoenix. (#2024)

Other Connector Changes

These changes apply to the MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redshift, and SQL Server connectors.

  • Collect statistics on the count and duration of operations to create and destroy JDBC connections. (#2024)
  • Add support for showing column comments. (#1840)