Presto 334 Documentation

12.2. Release 333 (04 May 2020)

12.2. Release 333 (04 May 2020)#

General Changes#

  • Fix planning failure when lambda expressions are repeated in a query. (#3218)
  • Fix failure when input to TRY is a constant NULL. (#3408)
  • Fix failure for SHOW CREATE TABLE for tables with row types that contain special characters. (#3380)
  • Fix failure when using max_by() or min_by() where the second argument is of type varchar. (#3424)
  • Fix rare failure due to an invalid size estimation for T-Digests. (#3625)
  • Do not require coordinator to have spill paths setup when spill is enabled. (#3407)
  • Improve performance when dynamic filtering is enabled. (#3413)
  • Improve performance of queries involving constant scalar subqueries (#3432)
  • Allow overriding the count of available workers used for query cost estimation via the cost_estimation_worker_count session property. (#2705)
  • Add data integrity verification for Presto internal communication. This can be configured with the configuration property. (#3438)
  • Add support for LIKE predicate to SHOW COLUMNS. (#2997)
  • Add SHOW CREATE SCHEMA. (#3099)
  • Add starts_with() function. (#3392)

Server Changes#

Server RPM Changes#

  • Reduce size of RPM and disk usage after installation. (#3595)

Security Changes#

  • Allow configuring trust certificate for LDAP password authenticator. (#3523)

JDBC Driver Changes#

  • Fix hangs on JDK 8u252 when using secure connections. (#3444)

BigQuery Connector Changes#

  • Improve performance for queries that contain filters on table columns. (#3376)
  • Add support for partitioned tables. (#3376)

Cassandra Connector Changes#

Elasticsearch Connector Changes#

  • Fix failure when querying Elasticsearch 7.x clusters. (#3447)

Hive Connector Changes#

  • Fix incorrect query results when reading Parquet data with a varchar column predicate which is a comparison with a value containing non-ASCII characters. (#3517)
  • Ensure cleanup of resources (file descriptors, sockets, temporary files, etc.) when an error occurs while writing an ORC file. (#3390)
  • Generate multiple splits for files in bucketed tables. (#3455)
  • Make file system caching honor Hadoop properties from hive.config.resources. (#3557)
  • Disallow enabling file system caching together with S3 security mapping or GCS access tokens. (#3571)
  • Disable file system caching parallel warmup by default. It is currently broken and should not be enabled. (#3591)
  • Include metrics from S3 Select in the S3 JMX metrics. (#3429)
  • Report timings for request retries in S3 JMX metrics. Previously, only the first request was reported. (#3429)
  • Add S3 JMX metric for client retry pause time (how long the thread was asleep between request retries in the client itself). (#3429)
  • Add support for SHOW CREATE SCHEMA. (#3099)
  • Add hive.projection-pushdown-enabled configuration property and projection_pushdown_enabled session property. (#3490)
  • Add support for connecting to the Thrift metastore using TLS. (#3440)

MongoDB Connector Changes#

  • Skip unknown types in nested BSON object. (#2935)
  • Fix query failure when the user does not have access privileges for system.views. (#3355)

Other Connector Changes#

These changes apply to the MemSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redshift, and SQL Server connectors.

  • Export JMX statistics for various connector operations. (#3479).