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13.4. Release 334 (29 May 2020)

13.4. Release 334 (29 May 2020)#

General Changes#

  • Fix incorrect query results for certain queries involving comparisons of real and double types when values include negative zero. (#3745)
  • Fix failure when querying an empty table with late materialization enabled. (#3577)
  • Fix failure when the inputs to UNNEST are repeated. (#3587)
  • Fix failure when an aggregation is used in the arguments to format(). (#3829)
  • Fix localtime() and current_time() for session zones with DST or with historical offset changes in legacy (default) timestamp semantics. (#3846, #3850)
  • Fix dynamic filter failures in complex spatial join queries. (#3694)
  • Improve performance of queries involving row_number(). (#3614)
  • Improve performance of queries containing LIKE predicate. (#3618)
  • Improve query performance when dynamic filtering is enabled. (#3632)
  • Improve performance for queries that read fields from nested structures. (#2672)
  • Add variant of random() function that produces a number in the provided range. (#1848)
  • Show distributed plan by default in EXPLAIN. (#3724)
  • Add Oracle Connector. (#1959)
  • Add Pinot Connector. (#2028)
  • Add Prometheus Connector. (#2321)
  • Add support for standards compliant (RFC 7239) HTTP forwarded headers. Processing of HTTP forwarded headers is now controlled by the http-server.process-forwarded configuration property, and the old http-server.authentication.allow-forwarded-https and dispatcher.forwarded-header configuration properties are no longer supported. (#3714)
  • Add pluggable Certificate Authenticator. (#3804)

JDBC Driver#

  • Implement toString() for java.sql.Array results. (#3803)

CLI Changes#

  • Improve rendering of elapsed time for short queries. (#3311)

Web UI Changes#

  • Add fixed, certificate, JWT, and Kerberos to UI authentication. (#3433)
  • Show join distribution type in Live Plan. (#1323)

JDBC Driver Changes#

  • Improve performance of DatabaseMetaData.getColumns() when the parameters contain unescaped % or _. (#1620)

Elasticsearch Connector Changes#

  • Fix failure when executing SHOW CREATE TABLE. (#3718)
  • Improve performance for count(*) queries. (#3512)
  • Add support for raw Elasticsearch queries. (#3735)

Hive Connector Changes#

  • Fix matching bucket filenames without leading zeros. (#3702)
  • Fix creation of external tables using CREATE TABLE AS. Previously, the tables were created as managed and with the default location. (#3755)
  • Fix incorrect table statistics for newly created external tables. (#3819)
  • Prevent Presto from starting when cache fails to initialize. (#3749)
  • Fix race condition that could cause caching to be permanently disabled. (#3729, #3810)
  • Fix malformed reads when asynchronous read mode for caching is enabled. (#3772)
  • Fix eviction of cached data while still under size eviction threshold. (#3772)
  • Improve performance when creating unpartitioned external tables over large data sets. (#3624)
  • Leverage Parquet file statistics when reading decimal columns. (#3581)
  • Change type of $file_modified_time hidden column from bigint to timestamp with timezone type. (#3611)
  • Add caching support for HDFS and Azure file systems. (#3772)
  • Fix S3 connection pool depletion when asynchronous read mode for caching is enabled. (#3772)
  • Disable caching on coordinator by default. (#3820)
  • Use asynchronous read mode for caching by default. (#3799)
  • Cache delegation token for Hive thrift metastore. This can be configured with the hive.metastore.thrift.delegation-token.cache-ttl and hive.metastore.thrift.delegation-token.cache-maximum-size configuration properties. (#3771)

MemSQL Connector Changes#

MongoDB Connector Changes#

  • Support case insensitive database and collection names. This can be enabled with the configuration property. (#3453)

SPI Changes#

  • Allow a SystemAccessControl to provide an EventListener. (#3629).