Corporate Guidelines

Guidelines for Participants with Corporate Interests

The goal of the Presto community is to help all participants be successful in using Presto in their environment, and is specifically not for the promotion of any corporate interests including marketing, sales, recruiting, etc. There are cases where the goal of supporting the Presto community and promotion of corporate interests can overlap, and these guidelines are designed to help understand the line between the two.

Technical Support

For products that integrate with or extend Presto, we encourage the project owners to support Presto users asking for help with integration or extension. For long discussions about product-specific issues, we recommend that these be taken to an external forum dedicated to the product. If product support is commonly needed, we may create a separate group (e.g., Slack channel) to assist the community with the integration.

Additionally, please restrict your responses to the questions being asked. Representatives from other vendors, while responding to a question, should not use that opportunity to nudge users to use a specific vendor’s offerings, unless the question relates specifically to a feature available in their product offering.


Overtly selling products or services should be avoided (whether related or unrelated to Presto).

The promotion of marketing materials with content that is very specific to a company’s products or services should not be shared in Presto community spaces. However, if a dedicated channel for supporting a product integration has been created, we encourage you to post informational announcements about releases, fixes, etc. relevant to the Presto community there.

While opinions about general technology and aspects of the big data ecosystem are welcome, opinions about any specific product offerings or features should be avoided when there is a conflict of interest.


We encourage everyone to post information about Presto specific jobs, contracts, and internships to the jobs Slack channel.


We encourage everyone to work on improving Presto, even when it eliminates the competitive advantage of a vendor. When discussing these projects it is expected that everyone operates in the best interests of the community, and does not block or even discourage work on such features for anti-competitive reasons.


If you have any questions about the above guidelines, please email